Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fan BingBing in Paris (where else) with a Lin Chi-ling bonus

The always reliable  Dennis Lee pointed the way to coverage of Ms. Fan in the City of Lights that popped up on several sites, most of them Chinese, over the past few days. She was in her now familiar front row spot at the Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2011 show escorted, as usual, by LVMH supremo (at least the LV side) Yves Carcelle whose picture appears quite often on this blog.

She also hobnobbed with Bono, a famous humanitarian, at the Edun show. Edun is a fashion label founded by Bono and Ali Hewson (Mrs. Bono) in 2005 as a for profit company with  "a commitment to encourage trade with Africa" according to their website. Most of the manufacturing has been shifted to China due to lack of supply chain infrastructure in Africa. There has been a lot of coverage of Edun and Bono in the fashion, financial and humanitarian press, the content veering between schadenfreude and snark with some policy showing up occasionally. It is a notable effort.

The pictures with Bono look as if they were taken with a camera phone. The Edge looks bored with it all in the background.

With an African infant dressed in what must be an Edun designed and manufactured frock:

Looking great with the ubiquitous Mr. Carcelle (LVMH recently bought a big stake in Edun) who may have made one trip too many to the wine bar:

With designer Marc Jacobs and Ali Hewson:

Unfortunately, the next day...Fan BingBing in full war paint: alabaster skin, fire engine red lipstick, kohl black eyes, hair pulled back in a loose bun that frames her face--and a dress that not even she can make look good.

Just too much going on with that dress (the unfinished edges don't help either) and it is a terribly unflattering to anyone just below mid-calf length. The big bow at the bodice is a completely unnecessary embellishment:

Plenty of photographers:

Front row at Louis Vuitton. Yves Carcelle has a great job.

Once again an overworked or just not observant photo editor at Zimbio decided that if Fan BingBing was in Paris then she must be every Chinese actress there. These pictures of Lin Chi-Ling were tagged as Fan BingBing and vice versa. Here is Lin Chi-Ling waiting for the Christian Dior show to start next to Rachel Bilson:

Looking delightful either before or after the show. Strange background of people hanging around:

And here is a picture tagged Lin+Chi+ling+Louis+Vuitton+Tuileries+Gardens. Oops. zimbio


  1. In the photo immediately above, it's notable how the parting, the eyebrows, the eyelashes and the pouting lips all point down to the (rather shallow, it must be said) valley below.

  2. I wonder how FBB manages to look so, preternaturally, porcelain white! It's rather unnerving.

    the pouting lips all point down to the...valley below.

    It's often, appropriately, called the 'business line' in the Chinese media. :D

  3. I liked that FBB dress until I saw it close up here -- yikes! Maybe a young Helena Bonham-Carter could have made it work?

    I didn't even notice The Edge in that photo until now. I think the hype machine for their next album is already starting; they are not that altruistic. Or it's that stupid Spiderman musical they are doing.

  4. ulaca--I hadn't noticed that although now that you have mentioned all the down-pointing features it is impossible not to see.

    dleedlee--the business line indeed. It seems a bit odd since a woman's breasts, particularly an attractive woman in a cleavage enhancing gown, is the first and often only thing that a man would notice about her. Fan Bingbing has that alabaster skin look down perfectly. Women in the court of Louis XVI used concoctions that included white lead and mercury but her make-up must be much more prosaic--and much less toxic.

    Glenn--If you look really closely (I didn't want to point it out, it would seem like piling on) there are a few unfinished seams so the seamstresses at Louis Vuitton must have been working right up to the time she put that floral monstrosity on. It is a real shame; the pattern on the fabric is gorgeous.

    On the altruism front, Easterly's article (the "snark" link above) has some great stuff especially in the comments including one that pointed out that Bono has clung to his office as lead singer for 33 years, much longer than almost any authoritarian dictator in Africa.