Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Carrie Ng at the Toronto International Film Festival

For those who don't frequent the Hong Kong Movie Database Brian Thibodeau posted some quick photos he took of Carrie Ng in the lobby of the theater where her film Red Nights was showing. She always seems extraordinarily sexy to this viewer. Posted with his permission.



  1. Awesome! And, DAMN! She is a knockout....still! I have been looking forward to seeing Red Nights for some time. I have seen the trailer and it looks pretty interesting.

  2. Two different friends spotted her in recent years in different parts of Hong Kong. Both exclaimed how good she still looks after all these years. The photos show they're right! :)

  3. Yeah--Carrie Ng seems to have a combination of classic beauty and effortless sensuality. A real knockout and a real movie star.