Wednesday, September 15, 2010

This just in: Gong Li borrows Shakira wig from 2006, has picture taken.

From yesterday's opening of The 25th Biennale des Antiquaires in Paris, first of the the autumn season of European fine art and antiques fairs (WSJ) where you can "completely satisfy an escapist fantasy of a life lived in luxury" (NYT), Gong Li accompanied, as if often the case in when she is in Europe, by Yves Carcelle, CEO of Louis Vuitton. New hairstyle--or at least unfamiliar to me hairstyle, amazing ballgown, slightly pornographic necklace with a strategically placed ruby. A great look. From Zimbio. I hope there are a few more images of Gong Li in this outfit floating around.


  1. WOW! She looks -- dare I say it? I'll say it -- slutty. I like!

    I wouldn't want her to show up like this all the time but she's hot in a new way!

  2. It is an intriguing look for her.

    Often Zimbio and Getty run close-up photos of the jewelry worn by red carpet celebs, particularly for this type of event where there will be a lot of signature pieces. I have a feeling they will skip this particular necklace, though.