Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pace Wu in Venice

As much Pace Wu than anyone could ever need. First from a party/photo up with Bulgari, one of the jewelry merchants to the aristocracy and haute bourgeoisie--and also to actress who get their picture taken and sent all over the world while wearing loaned sparklers. Consider this our contribution to keeping priceless gems hanging on Pace Wu. She is wearing Lanvan, including her shoes and wore it perfectly according to those keeping score:

That's Demi Moore, Jennifer Lopez and Catherine Deneuve along with her, quite a range of styles, appearances and talents. The line-up is from Red Carpet Fashion which noted that she "went runway from head to toe".

With Nicola Bulgari who looks as if someone just took a glass our of his hand.

With Anna Piaggi, big time fashion journalist in Italy known for her "distinctive" (insane, hideous, just plain strange) style and Beatrice Bulgari.

Taking a quick break from the festivities, making sure the camera gets the ring as well as the necklace.

Sina through dleedlee.

One of her big moments was during the red carpet stroll before the Detective Dee
And The Mystery Of Phantom Flame
premiere. Wearing an elaborately embroidered dress made by Chinese designer Lawrence Shu--and I pretty sure that means "this dress specifically made for this event--Pace Wu seemed to be enjoying herself, vamping it up a bit and having a good time being the center of attention:

Great dress--fabric, embroidery, design are all excellent. But the cut and drape are amateurish--it doesn't fit. There must have been many fittings while the it was being made but somehow this huge buckle/wrinkle in the front of the dress got missed:

Not a good way to show off meticulous Chinese craftsmanship especially in Italy where they feel that no one other than themselves know how to cut and drape fine fabric.


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  1. Yeah, it's a shame about the fit, because I really love the dress and its modern take on the traditional nyonya kebaya.