Sunday, March 17, 2013

Li Bingbing and Chen Man in fanciful movie images

Chen Man and Li Bingbing got together again with "Harper's Bazaar" picking up the tab and getting a striking set of images that pay homage to Hollywood. LBB was an action heroine, an Audrey Hepburn/Natalie Wood temptress and as Michelle Pfieffer as the mysterious Countess Olenska--with, perhaps, Chow Yun Fat at his oleaginous best as Newland Archer.  Not much to say other than here they are:



  1. Cool! I really like that last ad.

    I almost wish that Chen Man would try her hands at a movie, but I know that a knack with images doesn't always translate into telling a good story.

  2. The form of this editorial as movie posters had me wondering about the photographer to film director thing. In the United States, if one is old enough (which this one is) the obvious connection is Gordon Parks. Such luminaries as Ken Russell, Agnes Varda and Stanley Kubrick got their artistic start behind the lens of a still camera.

    Less obvious or at least less easy to find are the artists who tried to make that particular transition and failed, or at least didn't have success as film directors.