Thursday, September 29, 2011

Michelle Reis pushes leather goods; Zhang Ziyi gets an award

I haven't been able to figure out which expensive handbag company Michelle Reis is now the brand ambassador for because the coverage in both Ifeng and CRI combined the worst of Page Six bitchy cattiness with the sniggering excitement of a nine-year old boy who just discovered girls. But here are never too many pictures of Michelle Reis so:

Zhang Ziyi won the award for best actress given by the 2011 First Youth Film Festival held at Qinghai University in Xining. Or perhaps they convinced her to show up by announcing she was being honored. She wore a leather jacket with lots of zippers--plenty of pockets to stow her new slab of Lucite.

This is lovely--you do know my name isn't "Cecilia" don't you?

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