Thursday, September 8, 2011

Zhang Jingchu appears at charity event sponsored by no one, is not interviewed by the world press

There was a charity event the other day in Beijing. It was sponsored by Gucci for the benefit of the China Children and Teenagers' Fund and was held at Tsinghua University. Nothing extraordinary, just the wealthy getting together with the famous to congratulate each other for being charitable with the press invited so that the diva-starved masses can catch a glimpse of their heroines. The editors at Sina used the equivalent of a digital axe to obliterate the logos of Gucci and the CCTF making themselves look ridiculous. Sina really wanted this to be an anonymous event, running a picture of an interview with the usual forest of microphones but with the logos obscured.

Zhang Jingchu was carrying a Gucci bag (which she might have been allowed to keep) with a big "joined G" logo--marketers at luxury goods companies make sure it will be impossible to miss where the money is coming from at a benefit.

The digital sharpshooters missed at least one instance--the menu still has the dreaded mark of Gucci visible.

F-Paper showed Li BingBing posing in front of the backdrop with no adverse consequences

Sina; F-paper

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