Saturday, September 10, 2011

Deanie Ip wins Best Actress award at Venice Film Festival for "A Simple Life"

From the review by Stephanie Zacharek, the critic for "Movieline" in her round-up of Venice:
The picture is surprisingly unsentimental, and Hui has a gift for zeroing in on the telling detail. In one sequence, we watch as Au Tao prepares to attend a movie premiere with Roger: She puts on her nicest clothes — simple items that have clearly been cared for and treasured for years — and slips two modest gold and jade rings on her fingers. She takes out a tube of lipstick that’s almost completely worn down — this, too, may have been cherished for years — and in a moment that speaks volumes about the complex relationship between economy and vanity among the aged, smudges a bit on her lips with her fingers. We see her reflection in the mirror; she looks adequately pleased. It’s the kind of quiet detail we go to the movies for, the whisper that speaks louder than a shout.

Ann Hui and Deanie Ip

Xinhua; Ifeng; Sina

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