Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Twins appear as brand ambassadors for bread n butter fashion line

bread n butter is variously described as a "French lifestyle fashion brand originated in Paris, owned by ZTAMPZ GROUP that provides fashionable items with a global distribution network" making it sound like a successful logistics company and also as a "a middle-high end contemporary ladies fashion brand established in France since 2002", a description that is both highly specific (time and place) and maddeningly vague (middle high end of what?). They are well established in China--16 stores in Hong Kong, many more in Mainland cities--and feature, among others, Sammi Cheng in their advertising.

Gillian Choi and Charlene Chung grabbed their heart shaped purses and blue feather stoles for a photo-op personal appearance at one of the stores, looking much too cute and perky for two women whose combined age is very close to sixty years.

Charlene may want to spend more time in the gym or skip the mini-skirts entirely.

Sina; Company website

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