Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Faye Wong knocks it out of the park in THAT dress

Stella McCartney's cut-out dress with lots of sheer material with some strategically placed polka dots is a very hot number right now, especially since Kate Winslet gave it some good old Hollywood days "oomph".

Three versions (all different from the one above) on the runway

Faye looked great in a relatively more revealing style on the cover of the October "Harpers Bazaar".

Sina; Full frontal fashion


  1. Faye looks good, doesn't she?
    Kate Winslet wore a somewhat similar dress at the Venice Film Festival (as did Gloria Estefan, to lesser effect). Gloria/Kate

    It's just an illusion!

  2. There is always a WOW factor with Kate Winslet in a dress like that--she comes across like Hollywood stars of the past like Lana Turner, Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe. Not the best look for Gloria Estefan but she looked OK.

    Stella McCartney has become a very successful designer.