Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Everyone who was anyone showed up to the "Bazaar" magazine Charity Night

On the other hand after emoting in the mud and rain, there is time to jump in the shower, throw on some make-up and slip into a party dress. This is a truly amazing gathering. The Bingbings keep each other company.

It's a phone that takes pictures!

You said what to who?

Jackie Chan table hops into range.

Zhang Ziyi tells Na Ying something that gives her that deer in the headlights look

Gong Xinliang x 2

And there she is again with Liu Yifie

Liu Yifei x 2

Han Geng, Huang Yi, Zhang Ziyi: It's a phone that takes pictures!

Annie Liu

There is more--lots more--at Ifeng. It may even be possible to figure out why Fan Bingbing shows up as "Wallace" and Li Bingbing as "Joke" in the Google translation.

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