Monday, September 12, 2011

Vogue Fashion's Night Out hits Shangai

"Vogue" has a promotion called "Fashion's Night Out" which is a big retail bash in various cities around the world. Stores stay open late, stars show up at various venues and shoppers are expected to spend lotsa money. Among those there were Fan Bingbing wearing the Louis Vuitton Panda line.

Zhu Zhu was as red as one could be in Dior

Huang Yi in a little black dress a can't miss item that works for every formal/commercial event--other than one with a flat black backdrop which causes the wearer to disappear

Better angle and better lighting

Yan Ni in a sparkly evening knit that could almost be worn to afternoon tea with the local poobah

Yao Chen wore velvet hotpants with custom leggings and odd shoes accessorized with lots of dangly necklaces, a look that she carried off quite well

Dong Jie was a big hit in a slip dress with a voluminous transparent coat-like wrap over it. This was a popular look in Venice last week.

Li Yuan wore all but transparent black lace at the recent Huabiao Awards arrived in an even more revealing gown. The Chinese entertainment press seems to enjoy running unflattering pictures of her so I will join in the fun and grab a couple of them.
Timing is everything

There was some strange byplay between Li Yuan and Fan Bingbing. Not sure what was going on but it wasn't the usual air kisses and "you look so nice"; Fan seemed to want to get away and Li may have wanted her to stay.
The caption on this might be "Let go of my wrist NOW"

Red Luxury; CRI; Sohu; Ifeng

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