Monday, September 5, 2011

Huang Sheng-Yi at "Contgagion" while Zhao Tao hits the Lancia Cafe

Huang Sheng-Yi showed her third look at Venice on the red carpet for "Contagion" which google auto-translated to "Infectious Disease", a more foreboding but less catchy title. Nothing wrong with this long, loose fitting, semi-transparent gown, just nothing terribly special. Terrific make-up and a notable ponytail.

The photographer in the short skirt and purple flats is getting one hell of a picture of the train of this dress.

The slug on this image at Zimbio is "ponytail detail" which sums it up pretty well.

Huang Sheng-Yi is probably the only actress to wear stripper platform heels twice (at least) on the red carpet at a major film festival.
Whatever odd reason she has for bringing these shoes to Venice it isn't comfort: look at the bruises, especially on her instep. An artist may have to suffer for her art but not this is silly.

Zhao Tao was at the Lancia Cafe which is the Venice Film Festival version of Rick's Cafe Americain--everyone shows up there eventually. She wore a brown one shoulder column dress, a good complement to her more formal blue earlier.

Someone just out of the frame whispered "Don't forget to show the accessories".

A bit of info on the Lancia Cafe here.

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