Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sublime and ridiculous on the red carpet for "Life Without Principle"

For Denise Ho or her stylist, Life without Fashion Sense. Jodhpurs, a tuxedo shirt front and slicked back hair don't make a successful red carpet outfit, especially if it has enough straps to make it look like bondage gear. From the "in case anyone is interested" file, Denise Ho's outfit was by D & G.

This look was dated in 1983 when it was the least successful of the many man-tailored costumes worn by Jennifer Beals in "Flashdance".

Myolie Wu looked terrific in a champagne formal gown with a huge train that took two already burdened with bags and laptops assistants to drag around.

A real red carpet look

That's Johnny To in the background; here is Lau Ching-Wan with Amy Kwok who looks great. Nice that the director and main star decided the event warranted wearing evening suits. Both look positively dapper.

Myolie Wu and Stephanie Che bracket Denis Ho. She is doing her best "You talkin' to me?" stance.

One more of each. There is a lot of detailing on this dress in addition to the unmanageable train but works, staying just on this side of overly busy.

A great look for the club

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