Friday, May 13, 2011

Zhao Wei walks up stairs, makes it to the top. Thousands cheer.

The Chinese celebrity press continues its fascination with Zhao Wei and her post-childbirth career. ifeng has the most recent breathless dispatch--their alert photographer was there when she caught a stiletto heel of her strappy sandals on the way up the stairs at a "fashion event".

Looks a bit maniacal here but luckily enough a beefy executive was nearby to grab her arm.

While the mean girls in the background thought "what kind of movie star is she--can't even walk in heels".

But Zhao Wei made it to the top of the stairs where she hit her mark and did what she was paid to do, look stunning in a diaphanous purple silk dress.

Members of a local youth group kept watch in case she should need additional help walking or standing.


  1. Are you kidding? That's the oldest trick in the book, he just wanted an excuse to caress Zhao Wei's arms! The kids in the back have yet learn, experience trumps youth. ;D

    And Zhao Wei does look great, doesn't she?

  2. Actually it does look a bit like he is pawing Zhao Wei although the googlized caption was: "As a pair of high heels foot, Zhao Wei walked become center of gravity, but fortunately there are CEOs side arm. Zhao Wei photo debut, almost fall."

    However it happened she, as always, looked wonderful.