Friday, May 13, 2011

Fan Bingbing in white--not much else to say.

Dennis Lee has a portfolio of images of Fan Bingbing on the Cannes red carpet in a gorgeous white dress. Here are a couple from CRI. She looks like she just stopped off on the way to a wedding--her own--while wearing a zillion Yuan necklace.

She wore a white wedding style dress by Elie Saab last year at Cannes where she skipped the jewelry in favor of her alabaster skin, always a good choice.

Last image from janestyle.


  1. Simply fabulous! Fan Bingbing is the queen of a thousand looks, all of them totally convincing. This impression is heightened for me by having recently watched Buddha Mountain, in which she plays a very unglamorous role.

    I highly recommend the film, btw. And if you need further convincing, then check out the video for the movie's theme song, sung by Fan Bingbing herself.

  2. Dave--I watched the video and then a couple of the trailers. Unglamorous indeed--one wouldn't think of Fan Bingbing as an actress to convincingly break a bottle over her head.

    I hope they overemphasized its bloodiness in the trailers, although I am looking forward to seeing "Buddha Mountain".

  3. Fan Bingbing definitely earned my respect with her performance in this film. I will no longer think of her as only a red-carpet diva.