Monday, May 16, 2011

My favorite picture from Cannes (so far)

Fan Bingbing faces the photographers. Note the screen at the to of the picture, a closed circuit shot of the scene being shot. Not only is it self-deconstructing (very French) but it also allows FBB to check out her wave in real time.

A few more--this was dubbed the "moon fairy" dress, a good description.

The queen of Cannes greets her loyal subjects

Images from ifeng.

Dennis Lee has the best coverage of Chinese film stars, including red carpet strolls, press conferences and just standing around. He updates his site several times a day for big events like Cannes is worth bookmarking for anyone interested in current news on Chinese films.


  1. These are great pics, Ed. That last one is priceless!

  2. Dave--

    I really got a kick out if also. She has a real "been there done that" look that is unusual for FBB on the red carpet. As if she is thinking "another day, another 500 photographers shouting at me to look this way and that way.