Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Li Bingbing all over the place at Cannes

Li Bingbing has been working hard for her money, looking great while promoting Snowflower and the Secret Fan. According to her stylist Chang Lun she had four or five changes of clothes per day based on last minute changes in arrangements or schedule switches. For example one of the events for Snowflower was going to involve a red carpet walk but was changed to a reception so it was "quick, back to the hotel room, jump into the new outfit, redo hair and make-up, smile and look pretty".

Part of her day:

Sharing the red carpet with model and former Miss World Zhang Zilin. LBB wins by a leg.

Attack of the 50-foot model.

With Korean actress Gianna Jun before a Snowflower luncheon. Everyone wants to be taller than Li Bingbing.

LBB and Gianna Jun admire Wendy Deng Murdoch's dental work.

Gianna Jun looking good.

Waiting to be introduced at a cocktail party. Gianna Jun is ready to just die of boredom.

Li Bingbing seems to be enjoying herself--or at least successfully acts as if she is enjoying herself--looking great at various events.

Images from ifeng and Zimbio.

Article on LBB's stylist in Chinese here and rendered into a language close to English by Google translation here.

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