Thursday, May 5, 2011

Li Bing-Bing press conference for "Snowflower and the Secret Fan"

A fanboy's delight: Li Bing-Bing looking cute, pensive, dreamy, attentive and (as always) gorgeous. She will be appearing at Cannes in a few weeks and has "prepared several dresses to wear on the red carpet". The Riviera will be awash in BingBing goodness from May 11 to May 22 this year since Fan Bingbing will be there to support her film "My Way", together with director Kang Je-gyu and co-star Jang Dong-gun.
When asked about whether the two Bingbings would stand together on the red carpet, Li Bingbing said, "I'm very glad to see so many Chinese actresses go to the red carpet at international film festivals, but it depends on our schedules. It would be a pleasure for us to walk together.
Chinese films
The pleasure, I believe, will be all ours.

From the press conference--not sure what that odd U shaped instrument/ornament around Li Bing-bing's neck is. It could be some very strange fashion accessory or an antique microphone set-up from the days of vacuum tubes.

Adjusting the remarkable neckpiece:

When Hollywood publicists from the middle of the last century talked about "bedroom eyes" this is what they meant--a languorous, half-lidded look that, as we see here, seems completely natural and unstudied:



  1. Damn it, man - she's wearing my missing bicyle chain!

  2. A bike lock--no wonder I couldn't figure out what it was.