Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gong Li and friends at the Louis Vuitton exhibit at the National Museum of China

Louis Vuitton opens an exhibit of its historical luggage and handbags at the newly renovated National Museum of China. The Wall Street Journal thinks its a big deal:
The French luxury giant, celebrating its 20th year in China, is unveiling special summer exhibit titled “Voyages,” which features the brand’s historical luggage and handbags, in one of the country’s most renowned museums. Having just opened its doors after an epic-long three-year renovation, the museum is one of the most highly-sought spots for the country’s tourists
If Gong Li makes an appearance at a fashion opening Yves Carcelle won't be far away. Here they could almost be posing for the top of a wedding cake.

Not sure if this is the best dress for her but since she didn't ask me...

Surrounded by stiffs in blue suits:

Someone just told a joke. Some people thought it was funny.

Zhang Jing is thrilled to see a hinged box.

Yuan Quan

Dong Jie

Images from Ifeng and Ifeng.

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