Monday, July 25, 2011

Low overhead indeed

I couldn't resist this perfectly outrageous Google translation of a few pages from ifeng recently. The Chrome browser automatically translates pages in a language other than English (or other than the language for which the browser is set). Machine translation of Chinese to English works about as well as one might imagine, particularly if one has been reading unintentionally risible subtitles on Hong Kong movies for years.

Here is a screen shot untranslated:

Here it is translated on the fly into the "Googlespeak" version of English:

Using the MDGB online Chinese dictionary, a service that uses Google for its basic translation but then gives multiple possible meanings for each Chinese character, I think the caption would be closer to "A famous actress wearing a low-cut dress apeared at a night club where her male fans fell all over each other in thier eagerness to shoot a photo looking down the front of her dress."

Miss Low Overhead:


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  1. When I'm out walking with my daughter, I have to get used to the stares that lock into her at low overhead level. Subtle, locals ain't,