Monday, July 11, 2011

Li Bingbing in Harper's Bazaar

Li Bingbing (and her BFF Wendy Deng) hit the seafront promenade in Cannes last month to get a bit more pub for "Snowflower and the Secret Fan." Anyone who is anyone has already seen these pictures at Dennis Lee's site. One million thanks to Dennis for showing me which Chinese character to click to save the big HQ version of the pictures.

There seems to be something a little odd with a few of these--or it may be the difference in quality between them and what one is used to seeing in the U.S. "Harper's" where it seems that every expense is spared and little care taken regarding the appearance of their editorial images.

Li Bingbing and Wendy Deng look almost pasted in to this photo although there are details that would be close to impossible to achieve with Photoshop.

I did two versions here, one cropping most of the umbrella so that Li Bingbing was a larger part of the image.
The "Harper's" original:

Cropped, sharpened slightly, skin tone a little more on the red side:

Outstanding cover:

Gorgeous, even though it is a collection of fashion mag cliches:


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  1. she is so gorgeous.. timeless beauty.. she can do so many looks... in this case can do classic look.. not many ladies can do that..