Friday, July 15, 2011

Li Bingbing on "The View"

Li Bingbing had enough time in New York City to tape a segment of "The View", a show I haven't seen and didn't think I would ever have reason to but I will check online for this one.

According to ABC, "Li Bing Bing, one of China's biggest celebrities, was also here to promote the big-screen version of the novel Snow Flower and the Secret Fan!" (exclamation point in the original)

Here she is giving tips on developing upper body strength by lifting award statuettes.

A lot short skirts and legs--I don't recognize anyone they are attached to other than our star.

Saying hello to the band--or whoever is over there.



  1. Cool, thanks! Hulu should have it at some point.

    I found this on Sina, ymmv: Video

  2. The Sina video doesn't want to start--I am pretty sure I have the latest flash update but will check to see if that is the problem.