Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Grimaldis invite several hundred of their closest friends to a wedding, including Michelle Yeoh

When we last heard from Michelle Yeoh she was shaking the dust from Burma/Myanmar from her boots after being deported on the same day she arrived in Rangoon. She was on her way to see Aung San Suu Kyi who Yeoh plays in the biopic "The Lady", and had visited her in December, just days after Aung San Suu Kyi's release from house arrest. The movie, scheduled for release in October, was shot in England, France and Thailand.

She and fiance Jean Todt dropped in at the most recent European royal wedding, this one involving the House of Grimaldi in Monaco. They probably had a good seat at the ceremony since Todt heads of FIA which runs the Monaco Grand Prix and most motorsports outside of the U.S.

The American fashion blogs were not kind their assessment of Michelle Yeoh's look, going so far as to ask, "Who wears peep-toe ankle boots to a royal wedding?" The only answer I can think of is, "someone who gets invited to royal weddings and who owns peep-toe ankle boots."

As usual no one commented on the appearance of Jean Todt who actually looked presentable for a change. Generally his suits seem poorly cut, the wrong size (short and chubby is tough to fit) and ridiculously wrinkled.

On the way into the Mass

In a green ball gown for the reception

Sina showed them getting into their car, pixilating both the license plate and the BMW logo for some reason.

While ifeng led with Prince Laurent of Belgium falling down on the red carpet. They should have called a fork lift and been done with it.

Plenty of cake for everyone.

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