Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cecilia Cheung in Milan

Zhang Bai Zhi is in Milan where, according to Ifeng, everyone who works for her thinks she is a lovely person. Her manager, her assistant, her hair stylist and her make-up artist (plus, according to the group picture, at least one other hanger-on valued employee) think that they are like a family. Given the uproar in Cecilia Cheung's family recently that might not be the best image.

This, I believe, is Kelvin, the hair stylist, showing just how ironic on person can be without becoming one with his stingy-brim hat and hipster facial hair.



  1. It all started to go downhill for Tse and Cheung when they decided to call their kids Lucas and Quintas. How about 'Edison'? That has a nice ring (geddit?) to it.

  2. Strange for a kid to be named after flag carrying airline of Australia.

  3. Not half as strange as being named after a gay English comedian!