Friday, April 30, 2010

Maggie Cheung for Qeelin

Qeelin is a Hong Kong based jewelery company set up by designer Dennis Chan and French financier Guillaume Brochard in order to create jewelry "with China’s cultural aesthetics but with French craftsmanship" which is an interesting bit of economic/cultural turnabout--the inspiration and ingenuity for creating designs comes from China with the French entrusted only with the manufacturing and production. There is a nice puff piece on Chan in butterboom.

Maggie Cheung has been the face of Qeelin since its inception; both sides seem pleased with the relationship.

Here are some Qeelin billboards in Hong Kong featuring her last year from Qeelin's facebook pages:

An ad from the same source. Unfortunately they subscribe to the "photoshop to unrecognizability" school of celebrity ads which is becoming ubiquitous:

From the 2009 Golden Horse Awards Red Carpet, the first picture showing that Maggie knows what is important--the Qeelin watch:

Not sure if that belt--megabelts as part of an outfit were kind of on the way out by Fall of 2009--goes that well with the dress but since it is Maggie, it looks great.

And one with the boss, Guillaume Brochard:

And one more from 2009 at a Qeelin event:

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