Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Zhang Jingchu--NGF?

Duriandave, the proprietor of the excellent Soft Film, which if you haven't visited is here, pointed out that in the previous post I had missed the outrageous shoes worn by Zhang Jingchu that, unfortunately, are as much a disaster as her dress. The sharp eyed photogs and editors as don't miss anything, though, nor does Dennis Lee whose blog covering the Hong Kong entertainment industry led me to a bunch of shots at

These are the insane stripper stilettos she decided to wear on the red carpet in a major Hong Kong cultural event that received world wide coverage:

In North America, particularly among opera fans who spend as much time after a recital by a favorite singer discussing her outfits as her performance a really disastrous look will be met by the comment "No Gay Friends" (NGF). This means there was no one around her to tell her not to wear something tacky to a huge event and that she wasn't able to figure it out herself. NGF would be a bit worse than "What was she thinking" but not as bad as "She tries so hard" when confronted with a fashion catastrophe like this one.

It may be that these were from Fendi or Jimmy Choo who each sent trunkfuls of shoes to Zhang Jingchu in hope she would chose a pair but they look more like something from the markdown pages of

I realize that this post could hardly be more trivial and shallow but I may have worse (or better, depending on how you look at it) soon.


  1. LOL... I'm beginning to wonder if Zhang Jingchu had any friends to stop her from wearing those shoes on the red carpet.

    Looking forward to the next post -- for better or worse! :D

  2. Yeah, she really looks awful in those, doesn't she? She looks great when dressed down and when sporting a kind of Audrey Hepburn regal garb -- I'm fumbling -- but that look is just not good. She should copy Tang Wei who never seems to dress too flashy for her own personal style -- never looks forced. So far.

  3. My first thought was that the shoes came from the Shauna Sands Collection. Okay, I watch too much TMZ. :}

  4. duriandave--it is a bit of a train wreck. I posted the pictures on a couple of fashion blogs to see if anyone could ID them and the general response was: "WTF?!"

  5. Glenn, kenixfan:

    Tang Wei has been a favorite of mine on the red carpet--I have some pictures of her over the last couple of years that I am going to post soon (I hope). She wears high fashion stuff really well and generally looks really well put together.

  6. dleedlee--I had to google Shauna Sands--what a mess. Lots of silicone, collegen, peroxide with skin that is tanned enough so that she will look like a Coach purse in 10 years.

    And her shoes are perfect for that look. ;-)