Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tang Wei--Red Carpet pictures over the past 3 years

Tang Wei looks either great or greater at film festivals, award presentations and movie premieres. Or premiere singular because "Lust, Caution" has been the only movie with the buzz and budget to fly her around the world for various openings. Most recently she was at the 29th Hong Kong Film Awards dressed in Christian Dior and looking wonderful:

And another, just delightful:

Some commentators didn't like the combination of open-toed boots and tights and while it was not an expected mix I thought it hit the right tone of just slightly casual glamour, as if she decided while on the way out the door to change shoes:

(photos from Zimbio and Red Carpet Fashion)

At last year's Hong Kong Film Awards she wore Valentino, red with red strappy sandals. Beautifully cut, perfect color, almost no accessories. This was an outstanding look, a real "movie star" presence:

(photo from Zimbio)

At the Independent Spirit Awards, 2008. These awards are held inside a beachfront tent on the beach in Santa Monica and Tang Wei's colorfully splashy cocktail dress with her hair in a pony tail flipped over her shoulder fit the mood, as did the ultra-relaxed heavy lidded look. The top one is an extremely sexy photo.

(Photos from Zimbio)

Also in 2008 in Christian Dior at the Dior Spring/Summer collection. Another great look--and she looks quite pleased to be there:

(photo Red Carpet Fashion)

From the BAFTA Awards, London, 2008 in Jason Wu. A gorgeous dress, well cut, beautifully draped with ultra-perfect fabric. Superlative pattern:

(photo from Zimbio)

At the London Film Festival in 2008, lovely outfit and another very confident "I'm a movie star" look:

Same event, a few seconds before or after the one above. Tang Wei absolutely kills in London:

(photos from Zimbio)

At the Venice International Film Festival in 2007 the definition of simple and elegant in a column dress by Cavalli. Lots of pleats!

At the New York City premiere of "Lust, Caution" in another off the shoulder dress a bit like the one from the Hong Kong Film Awards from 2009. This one, showing her versatility, is off the other shoulder ;-)

(photo from Wire Image)


  1. Thanks for the roundup, Ed!

    Tang Wei is always classy, even when casual.

  2. Nice job, Ed!

    I thought Tang Wei looked especially winsome during her recent promo tour for Crossing Hennessy.