Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Arrivals at 29th Hong Kong Film Awards

The 29th Hong Kong Film Awards Presentation Ceremony was held at Hong Kong Cultural Center. The package of photos just arrived via Pony Express (even though they have been all over the place already) and here are a few:

Gao Yuan-Yuan in an outstanding cheongsam inspired black dress paired with killer heels, lovely upswept hair and almost no accessories. She seems to be enjoying the moment here, knowing she looks great.

Looking distinguished in another shot:

More black dress goodness--Denise Ho.

Michelle Ye in one of the best cut and draped gowns I have seen anywhere, paired with just the right jewelry. Elegant, sexy, delightful. The fabric covered buttons on the seam on her top are a very nice touch.

Shu Qi in a jeweled "chiffony" number. While she has been a controversial figure in the past one thing about Shu Qi can't be denied--she knows how to make a dress look great. This is a strapless Elie Saab number with lots of embellishments on the skirt. If I marketed upscale gowns I would send her piles of money to wear my stuff.

Another view with a very smirky Chang Chen happy that she is on his arm.

Rain Lee is thinking either "Look, I'm wearing a tent" or "Watch as I fly around the Cultural Center".

Gigi Leung looking ruefully sexy in a well cut, form fitting sheath which isn't helped by the asymetrical neckline. Other than that a lovely dress in which she looks lovely.

Big bows on evening gowns or red carpet dresses aren't usually a good idea and this one worn by Zhang Jingchu is a really big bow. She looks so good in this monstrosity that you just know she would have killed in anything decently designed. Love her hair, a nice departure from the short cuts or upswept looks that are de rigueur at most red carpet events. The tiny jeweled tiara/band sets it off perfectly.

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  1. Yay! Welcome back, Ed. I suspected the red carpet would lure you out of hiding.

    I really liked Denise Ho's look and thought she was a good pick for Best Dressed. Although, for me at least, it's really her hair and makeup that makes it work.

    I'm surprised you didn't have anything to say about Zhang Jingchu's platform stripper heels. ;p

  2. 'm surprised you didn't have anything to say about Zhang Jingchu's platform stripper heels.
    Zhang Jingchu needs a new stylist! Recent photos that I've been seeing are turning her into a bimbo. Hated those shoes, as well as Miriam Yeung's.

    And if anyone's asking, I hate those Roman sandal strappy shoes like Gao Yuanyuan was wearing and that Kelly Chen seems to favor these days.

    Kelly Lin looked sizzling. Was Li Yuchun doing the Bjork look again?