Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Zhou Xun is a Champion of the Earth.

That isn't a new Marvel Comics superhero but an award given by the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP). She got the "Inspiration and Action" award and immedeately donated the cash prize to earthquake relief in western China. You can read about it here or just take a look at the pictures, all of which are from UNEP.

The presentation of the the fierce looking award by Yaun Xikun, the artist who created it. The black lightbulb floating above the lion is on the backdrop and not part of the award although it might have worked--"Lights out for lions" or something like that.

A UNEP official gives her a scroll fittingly enough made from recycled glass. This may have been toward the end of the show--six awards were presented--since it seems as if her hair is getting a little unruly. Actually a nice look for Zhou Xun.

An informal moment with some of her fellow awardees. "So a polar bear, a black rhino and an ivory-billed woodpecker walk into a bar..."


  1. hello ewaffle! i see we have durian dave as a connect!

    i really enjoyed perhaps love. thought zhou xun and takeshi kaneshiro were great in it. and i love the soundtrack.

    thanks for your comments!


  2. I grabbed Equation of Love and Death on this trip to HK. It's buried somewhere in my suitcase at the moment. I heard that like most of her films, she's interesting in it but the film is so-so. I think I saw her in Suzhou River even before I got heavily in Chinese/HK cinema. Along with Zhang Jingchu, she is one of the most interesting Asian actresses working at the moment. And I think it's safe to seek out anything either actress is in -- like Maggie Cheung maybe 12 or 15 years ago.

  3. ling--I really enjoy your eclectic blog--the current posts about the Vancouver Opera Nozze are great, particularly the flow chart of relationships and actions.

    Glenn--I think you are spot on regarding Zhou Xun. She was the best thing on the screen in "The Banquet" and very good in "Painted Skin" as was (of course) Zhou Wei. Oddly enough in the credits Zhou Xun's character's name is Xiao Wei. Comparing her with the divine Maggie from the height of her career is high praise indeed. Zhou Xun is someone worth watching a below average movie for.

  4. So what exactly did Zhou Xun do to merit this award?

    Ed, I totally agree with the last sentence of your comment. For me at least, a lot of the films Zhou Xun appears in don't quite live up to my expectations. I'd love to see her work with someone like Ang Lee who really knows how to bring the best out of an actor.

  5. So what exactly did Zhou Xun do to merit this award?

    Ah, the real question and not an easy one to answer.

    I haven't been able to figure that out--not sure what "leadership" might mean in this connection and being a "green lifesytle guru", for which she was cited, is pretty broad.

    Looking at the list again it is an odd group. The President of the Maldives got an award for being an "international climate change campaigner" which means he has been telling anyone who will listen that his country is going to be the first to disappear due to rising ocean levels.

    The director of the EPA in Afghanistan also got an award because he is a "sustainability advocate". Maybe the U.N. just wanted to show some love to the Karzai government.

    The president of Guyana deserves a bunch of awards for trying to hang onto the rain forests there while still allowing people to make a living in them.

    So, I don't know where Zhou Xun fits into this very eclectic mix but she doesn't really match the profile of a celebrity who is "honored" in order to hype the gate or get additional publicity.

    The idea of celebrities fronting for good causes is an interesting question and since Maggie Cheung was just named a UNICEF Ambassador it is something worth looking at.