Sunday, May 20, 2012

Painted Skin 2 press conference plus incidental sightings at Cannes

The Painted Skin 2 publicity Juggernaut clanked onward at Cannes although without Vicki Zhao Wei.Director Wuershan led a contingent with Zhou Xun, Yang Mi and Chen Tingjia.

Then the three actresses stood around on the beachfront for the photographers. Zhou Xun is rumored to be ill and just soldiering on in support of Painted Skin 2.

Earlier Zhuo Xun had a well publicized but from the looks of things not particularly enjoyable night on the town.

Chinese stars are used to traveling without an entourage but she looks almost abandoned here in the middle of the street.

Yang Mi caused a bit of controversy back home when, according to Xinhua, she hogged the limelight on the red carpet for the premiere of "Rust and Bone", had to be told (three time!) by security to step away and responded with what was termed in the googlespeak translation a "vertical finger counter-attack". Xinhua thought the offending digit needed highlighting.

Yang Mi shrugged it off (if anything happened at all) and spent some quality time being photographed with Liu Kaiwei walking hand and hand around the harborfront.

Sina; Xinhua; Xinhua

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