Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cecilia Cheung celebrates her birthday in Cannes; Xinhua goes crazy

It was Cecilia Cheung's 32nd birthday and she celebrated with a big cake while in Cannes hyping her film Dangerous Liaisons which premiered there. She looked just fine as herself, especially in the outlandish tapestry boots but Chinese news portal Xinhua made themselves look ridiculous by claiming that she looked like the Cannes 2012 logo of Marilyn Monroe blowing out a candle on a cake and then not running a picture that showed what they reported.
Cecilia Cheung

The boots

Her birthday cake

Cannes poster

Meanwhile back at the festival, Dangerous Liaisons unspooled to a packed house. Cecilia spoke briefly to the audience in French and settled down to watch the movie, very possibly seeing it for the first time after editing and with the music and sound added.

Xinhua; Yahoo China; Festival website

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