Wednesday, May 16, 2012

OK, its official: Fan Bingbing at Cannes

The festival can begin now that Fan Bingbing has hit the red carpet for the opening of the 2012 Cannes International Film Festival. She looked amazing, even for FBB; perfectly made up, elegantly coiffed, confident and knowing that everyone was there for her (even those who weren't). Quite a dress.
You lookin' at me?

She seems to be channeling more than a bit of the insouciant sexiness of Rita Hayworth in this still from "Gilda".

Giving them what they came for.

First sighting of the regal half-wave.

Sina; Xinhua


  1. I gotta say, Fan Bingbing at Cannes is something I now look forward to every year. I like how her dress doesn't try to out-do those of the last two years. It's just quietly gorgeous. And I love FBB's hair... very cool!

  2. Dave--

    You are far from alone--lots of fashionistas look at FBB as the epitome of red carpet style and more than a few opening night denizens envy her total access to the closets and work rooms of top designers.