Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Brigitte Lin in Hong Kong for Cartier

Brigitte Lin made an unusual and most welcome appearance at the Intercontinental Hotel in Hong Kong for luxury jeweler Cartier. She looked fit enough to swing a mean sword at the Dragon Inn or play the Heavenly Dragon Eight Notes on a magic lyre and as a bonus brought her daughter. She seemed perfectly at ease in the spotlight and taking a hint from Mom, wore a little black dress with essentially no accessories. Perhaps it was Take Your Daughter to Work day in Hong Kong.

Brigitte Lin, in answer to the usual questions, said that she had no intention of returning to the movie business. When asked what she would do if a great script was offered to her she said that it would depend on fate which sounds like a polite way of telling the reporter to take a hike.



  1. Hi ewaffle --

    A couple of comments:-

    1) It's interesting that at least one report I've read of the event still refers to Brigitte Lin as an actress. Interesting considering the most recent film she appeared in (not counting "Ashes of Time Redux"!) came out in 1994...

    2) Isn't that her stepdaughter with her? Again, interesting that many reports refer to her as Brigitte's eldest daughter. Guess Brigitte's far from an evil step mom! ;b

  2. YTSL--

    Even though Brigitte Lin has made it clear she is retired and has moved on to other artistic work such as her book, hope springs eternal among fans and, apparently, the press that she would grace us with just one more appearance on the screen. Won't happen but it is nice to dream.