Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Winding things up in Paris--Zhou Xun and Yao Chen

Both Yao Chen and Zhou Xun attended the Chanel show in Paris for the Fall/Winter 2012 Fashion Week.

Yao Chen brushed her lips against the wrinkled, scaly cheek of Karl Lagerfeld who pursed his lips in a prissy moue of distaste.

Later she worked the crowd with a big smile and a swing of her ponytail and hit the perfect high fashion hand on hip, ankles crossed pose. The photographers, swathed in goose down coats, approved. Check out the security in the bottom second picture below: tall black guy on the left (partially obscured by Yao Chen) and two shorter white guys, one looking a bit thuggish to the right. Straying from one's assigned place is not an option.

Very pastel outfit including the pink shoes. She is posing in front of what could be a leftover set of the Fortress of Solitude from a Superman movie.

Nice front row seat.

Zhou Xun also in pastel--lots of light blue and seafoam green this spring from Chanel it seems. Her sky high Christian Louboutin stilettos overwhelm her delicate skirt and jacket/blouse but, as always, she looks great.

Zimbio; Ifeng

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