Monday, March 19, 2012

Karen Mok at Asian Film Awards

Karen Mok knocked it out of the park with an upbeat, playful attitude and a killer off-the-shoulder blue dress with a split skirt on the red carpet for the Sixth Annual Asian Film Awards. More pictures later--I was hoping for some larger images from the Chinese media but didn't want to keep these from the diva starved masses. Karen Mok is perfectly gorgeous here.

Gadzooks! Heart be still.

Meanwhile--the night before to be accurate--Karen Mok was at the FilmAID Power Of Film Gala that raised money for FilmAid Asia's programs, said by its sponsors to use the power of film to bring education to refugees and displaced persons globally. It honored Hong Kong-based documentary filmmaker Duncan Jepson and, to insure a big house, Keanu Reeves. She was wearing a ridiculous dress that looked like it was whipped up from a spare shower curtain, fit like a tent (a real big tent), in an unflattering color and almost made her disappear onstage. Outrageously bad choice but she gets to make a mistake occasionally.

With Cissy Wang, Donnie Yen, Keanu Reeves and Josie Ho.

Making the best of things.

Zimbio; Zimbio

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