Monday, March 5, 2012

The gang heads to the Jean Paul Gaultier show

Paris Fashion Week is drawing to a close; one of the last shows was the high profile Jean Paul Gaultier runway extravaganza. Some of the usual suspects dropped in.

Angelababy flanked by JPM and the least impressed assistant in the world.

This is not as daring an outfit as it seemed on first glance; it is lace patterns over some not very transparent (or "clairvoyant" in machine translation from Chinese to English) material. Nice look for someone who is young, slim and pretty.

Huo Siyan looked great in a striped blouse with an asymmetrical collar and sleeves made to be rolled up. Her hair and make-up were perfect as was the case in all of her appearances in Paris.

Lin Peng took a bit of a chance and succeeded only because she didn't crash and burn, with a dress much like the one made famous by Marilyn Monroe in "The Seven Year Itch", a costume featured in one of the most famous and iconic scenes in American movies.

The dress on Marilyn:

The dress wasn't a copy since it had bat-wing sleeves with cutouts and a mega belt but referred to and recalled the earlier outfit. Since Lin Peng stayed away from subway gratings it worked:

Sina; Cozy

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