Saturday, March 3, 2012

Photos of Hong Kong actresses from the 1980s and 1990s

Dennis Lee discovered a collection of photos of Hong Kong movie stars from the recent past at Trouble in Hong Kong. Lovely stuff.

Brigitte Lin

Cherie Chung

Mid 1980s?--a still slightly chubby-cheeked Maggie Cheung

Michelle Yeoh at her wedding to Dickson Poon--1988

Rosamund Kwan


  1. Thanks ewaffle --

    Quite a number of my favorite actresses featured in this entry. Re the Brigitte Lin photo: no doubt a publicity pic from one of her 1992-1994 wuxia movies... but which one? ;b

  2. YTSL--I took a quick look through the images for the several wuxia movies of Brigitte Lin but couldn't come up with anything that matched.

    I am sure it will be one of those "Of course, how could I have missed that..." moments when someone comes up with the answer.

  3. Hi again ewaffle --

    The headgear she's got on gets me thinking... "Deadful Melody". But it's also true enough that I saw that movie more than a decade ago now... ;O

  4. YTSL--you a great eye and quite a memory for hats; "Deadful Melody" is the movie.