Friday, December 2, 2011

Faye Wong in benefit concert for Smile Angel

Slender as a knife blade and hyper-elegant, Faye Wong gave a benefit concert for the fifth anniversary of the founding of the Smile Angel Foundation. She was backed by the Philharmonie der Nationen from Germany, an orchestra with a lot of blond fiddle players.

Cutting the fifth anniversary cake with husband Li Yapeng. She is wearing a Herve Leger bandage dress that looks great on her; she might have stepped straight from the runway. I don't think her arm is five feet long although from this unfortunate angle it looks like she could slice into the cake from across the room.

Sometimes if you are going to perform you need to sacrifice fashion to practicality, in this case keeping warm:
As many are aware, the Smile Angel Foundation was set up by Faye Wong and Li Yapeng to help Chinese children who had been born with a cleft lip or cleft palette. Li Yan, their daughter, was born with a cleft; they took her to the United States for treatment.  

Yahoo China
Pictures of the audience arriving and the auditorium at Sohu.
Facebook page for the Smile Angel Foundation.
Homepage (in Chinese) for the Smile Angel Foundation


  1. Hi ewaffle --

    Where was the concert? I really would love to hear Faye Wong sing in a performing arts venue with great acoustics some day. (Her concert even in a less than ideal venue -- Malaysia's Stadium Merdeka -- ranks at the top of list of the pop concerts I've attended to date!)

  2. Hi YTSL:

    The venue was given as the "National Theatre Concert Hall" which one source had in Beijing and another in Shanghai; if the name of the hall is correct it might well be Taipei. I'm not trying to be flip, its just that the Chinese entertainment press wasn't very helpful on this one.

    She did only two numbers: Schubert's Serenade and the Heart Sutra, about ten minutes of music between them so it was much more benefit than concert.