Saturday, December 3, 2011

Fan Bingbing loops dialog for "My Way"

"My Way", the international mega-movie, is in post-production; among the tasks that were checked of the to-do list was dialog for Fan Bingbing's character. Here is FBB at a recording studio. wearing an unglamorous cardigan and a cartoon t-shirt to go with her cartoon glasses.

A disembodied hand keeps her hair from getting entangled with headphone wires:
Ifeng; Xinhua


  1. Those cartoon glasses are very hip in Asia right now. When I was in Taiwan I saw quite a few girls wearing them. Actually, I was surprised when I first saw them, because they are not actually glasses but just the frames. The look is kind of cool but definitely faddish.

  2. I had a feeling they weren't glasses as such but fashion accessories. There must be some commercial anxiety among the manufacturers and distributors of faddish gear--no one wants to be the last one to stop production and get stuck with a few million unsalable frames.