Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Faye Wong top female vocalist draw?

Yahoo China ran some numbers and concluded that the to earning female vocalist for 2011 was Faye Wong not Lady Gaga as reported by Forbes, where American and British singers are the only ones who count.


  1. Hooray for Faye! And yeah, she'd get *my* vote as the female vocalist whose concert I'd most like to attend. :)

  2. YTSL you have a lot of company.

    Even with chancy box office comparisons caused by Yuan to dollar conversion, Yahoo reported that Faye Wong's tour brought in 20% more than the top grossing western tour. Of course neither the western nor the Asian entertainment press cover much of the business side of what happens "over there".

    1. The Yahoo China article claims Lady Gaga grossed $13 million total in concerts while Forbes claims Gaga grossed $1.3 million per night ("The Queen Monster is music’s top-earning woman, thanks largely to her $1.3 million nightly gross on the road."). I am going to assume there was a mistake in the translation there. Faye made $20 million total according to Yahoo China. I am inclined to think Gaga made more than $20 million if her nightly gross is $1.3 million. I am the biggest Faye Wong fan but I find it she would beat Gaga in total ticket revenue.