Monday, August 15, 2011

Pace Wu in Brussels

We are always happy to find images of Pace Wu to grab for this blog even those as uncreatively posed and poorly designed as these. With no lack of respect for the bureaucratic capital of Western Europe, Brussels isn't the first place one thinks of for a fashion shoot unless the point of the shoot is to publicize the city. If that was the case it was a miserable failure, starting with the picture above which is obviously taken in a hotel room with part of the not very distinguished skyline seen through the window. The domed building is Palais de Justice and there must have been at least one other place from which to shoot to feature it--although as European domed buildings go it isn't very distinguished anyway.

Here she is in front of the largest Art Deco pile of bricks in the world, the Basilica of the Sacred Heart

Look! A fountain--and it's tilted!

And a cobblestone street with quaint shops--who would have thought you could find such a scene in Europe!

Finally a couple of lovely and contextless pictures

Website of the Basilica

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