Monday, August 15, 2011

Jolin Tsai for Yamaha Cuxi

While realizing that Jolin Tsai has little to do with the movie business in Hong Kong, Taiwan or the PRC (she did a TV series for CTV and has done a few television theme songs), I couldn't resist the pictures of this odd appearance for Cuxi, a scooter made by Yamaha and marketed particularly to women. One reviewer called the scooter "small, strange and full of personality" which could describe many of the subjects of this blog.

The strangest thing about this was Jolin Tsai's outfit, especially the accessories--the designer might have raided the costume trunk of an American TV western from the 1950's.

Perhaps to underline the market segment Yamaha is going for there is an aftermarket
"Hello Kitty" taillight assembly.

Replace your boring taillights with TTLUX
A marketing report reprinted in Scribd

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