Monday, August 8, 2011

Pace Wu at generic fashion event

Pace Wu was photographed at a "fashion event"--apparently that is identification enough for the website "Chinese Film". According to the caption with the photographs she wore a tube-top dress. Her dress could be called a number of things but tube-top isn't one of them. "Chinese Film" makes the point that she is from "China's Taiwan Province" for no particular reason unless it was important for them to show that they are on the Beijing's side in the status of Taiwan.

Based on his peculiar combination of artfully unhemmed leather or plastic shorts with boots, the person standing next to Pace Wu is probably a designer, perhaps even the person whose work is being pushed at this event.

Chinese Film


  1. You may know, Edward, the answer to something that's been bugging me since watching highlights of Taiwanese golfer Yanni Tseng winning the Women's British Open golf tournament. Rather than showing the Taiwanese flag beside her name on the leaderboard caption, the TV company flew a different thing altogether, sort of yellow and white as I recall. Any idea?

  2. I would think the TV graphics tech loaded the wrong image or was using a placeholder and didn't notice the error. Or Yani Tseng has a sub rosa endorsement deal with the Holy See--the flag flying over Vatican City is yellow and white.