Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fan Bingbing rides a luggage cart

Upon realizing that it had been almost two weeks since her last appearance on "Favorite Hong Kong Actresses", Fan Bingbing had stylist Bu Kewen push her through Shanghai's Hongqiao Airport on a luggage cart--or as one suggested translation by MDBG had it, a "war chariot." A sight not to be missed.

From the other side.

Safe on the ground.

Here she seems to be working on the all important diva pursuit "yelling at the assistant."

MDBG 车 jū war chariot (archaic) / rook (in Chinese chess) / rook (in chess)
Dennis Lee has more about what Bu Kewen does when not pushing a cart.


  1. LOL... that's pretty awesome. And cute outfit. Love the shoes!

  2. T-strap flats are just the thing this season for luggage cart riding.

    The huge celebrity sunglasses are a perfect touch. "I don't want to be recognized while being wheeled through a busy airport like a float in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade".