Friday, April 29, 2011

Well, that was quick--Fan Bingbing, Yao Chen and others close out Beijing Festival

The Beijing International Film Festival closed yesterday. From the coverage in the Chinese entertainment press the closing ceremonies had all the pomp and glamor of a ribbon cutting at a regional water treatment facility. Everyone worked the rope line of frenzied fans and then had their picture taken, with most of the excitement happening when Yao Chen stepped on the trailing train of Fan Bingbing's dress.

The adventure began when the bottom of Yao Chen's shoe met the hem of Fan Bingbing's dress:

A closer look:

The result:

Order was quickly restored and everyone was happy:

They both looked delightful, either together:

Or separately:

Nice dress, great shoes although maybe not at the same time:

A microphone with a sharp-edged cardboard cutout gets waved around during an interview:

Fans were acknowledged:

Singer Zhou Bichang (Bibi Chou)

Yan Ni had a big smile

As did Yao Chen

The Fanster worked her magic



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