Monday, April 18, 2011

30th Hong Kong Film Awards

It rained on the 2011 Hong Kong Film Awards which didn't seem to bother Carina Lau in the least. She was one of the few bright spots in an evening full of dull outfits on beautiful actresses.

Tang Wei in the reddest red looked like she was having a great time.

Ella Koon in an shapeless orange dress that didn't look any worse having had its hem dragged through a few puddles.

Josie Ho in a dress that was typical of the evening: a poorly cut and draped pleat-fest that didn't hang right. She always looks like a billion (or so) dollars though.

Both "Dynasty" and "The Jetsons" would like their shoulder pads returned.

Kara Hui's dress is way beyond my ability to characterize but she could wear a burlap bag and look perfect as soon as she flicks on that smile.

Zhou Xun has had one hundred ways to look devastating. Now it is one hundred and one--big glasses as an accessory.

Chrissie Chau was there. This is what she looked like:

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  1. The one in the glasses looks like Saffie's Japanese friend in AbFab.

  2. Thanks for the report, Ed! You found some great photos. I like the candid pic of Tang Wei. It's a nice change from her usual tight-lipped photo-op persona. Like you, I love Zhou Xun's glasses. She's as cute as a bug -- that's for sure!

    As for Carina, in my opinion she got a 13-years-too-late consolation prize for the Best Actress Award she should have won in 1997 for The Intimates. She was good of course in Detective Dee, but it was hardly the film's lead actress role (that, I believe, belonged to Li Bingbing). What your report does prove, though, is that Carina was definitely the Best Dressed Actress of the night. She looks smoking hot, even more so in the rain being escorted under the clear umbrellas of two black-suited gentlemen!

  3. Agree re duriandave's assessment of Carina's award. Honestly, her costumes and make up did more acting in Detective Dee than the actress herself!

  4. I haven't had a chance to see Dective Dee yet but was pretty surprised that Carina Lau hadn't won a best actress award. This might be more an unofficial "body of work" type of award than for this movie.