Monday, April 25, 2011

More from Day One, Beijing International Film Festival

Another view of the Fan Bing-Bing dress. Not sure of the color--it could be anywhere from dark blue to dark gray but probably isn't black which is how it showed up on most of the pictures carried on the internet. I lightened this one a bit (note the pinkish wall) trying to show a bit of detail.

Fan Bing-Bing,Tang Wei and a guy in a striped shirt (who may well be more famous than either of them) backstage. Here is where one would like to be a Mandarin speaking fly on the wall to overhear who is saying what to whom.

Yu Rong-Guang and Mary Ma (Ma Yanli), each very intrigued with something. Nice pink evening purse.

Zhang Jingchu looks lovely and ignored by her date. Three minutes later they were probably texting their friends about what a dull party this was.

Guo Xiaodong keeps a firm hold on Wang Likun and Zhou Xianxin whose pairing of a low-cut minidress with an odd chiffon wrap was not a good idea.

This is Han Yuqin in blue and Huang Xiaolei in green. Women on display must get tired of the crossed ankles in stilettos stance but it seems to come with the territory.

Top picture of Fan Bing-Bing is from, the official site of the festival.

The rest are the work of photographer Wang Jing and were aggregated by in one of their many blogs. Wang Jing behind the camera:

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