Saturday, April 23, 2011

First Beijing International Film Festival early red carpet pictures

The inaugural BIFF kicked off yesterday (depending on which side of the International Date Line your are) and Zimbio had a few red carpet pictures. I would imagine there will be many more particularly from Chinese sources in the next few days. Dennis Lee, as usual, will be where most of us start looking. He is also running some darling images of Karen Mok from her miniblog that shouldn't be missed. For now, a few pics from Zimbio:

Fan Bing-Bing goes with some of her strengths--classic profile and alabaster complexion with no jewelry and an unusual hairdo. One wonders what was happening way up by the ceiling that she found so intriguing.

Not quite sure what she is wearing here but she has a large following among fashion mavens so we will know soon enough.

Tang Wei with Peter Chan. Love the pattern on her dress, lovely looking fabric but it (or at least this outfit) drapes very badly--as if it was still being put together backstage.

Nice curly-girl tousled look although whoever loaned Tang Wei the necklace and earrings might have wished for a less flamboyant hairstyle--or at least something that didn't cover up her accessories quite so well.

Model/designer Mary Ma looks great in red, all 5' 10" of her.

Zhang Ziyi lends an ear to the diva-starved masses of China's capital city.

Something new--pedicure coverage showing nail polish matching a gown.

Zhang Ziyi in blue:

Mary Ma in red--more interesting is the detail on her gown. Looks like it might have a full length satin lining, possibly one of the reasons Mary Ma looks so confident in the photo above.

All images from Zimbio


  1. Ed, I'm surprised you didn't have anything to say about Zhang Ziyi's dress. I thought it was a bit of train wreck. The dangling flowers don't bother me so much, but that middle section is as clunky as a medieval chastity belt.

    As for Mary Ma, she is quite stunning. I had to look her up, since I never heard of her before. Did you know she was a champion rower before she became a model?

  2. Dave--No kidding about Zhang Ziyi's dress--there isn't much good about it, from the the color to the odd flowers to simply the way it hangs.

    I noticed in one article on Mary Ma that she said it was impossible to stay as a model for very long. She was nice enough not to add "unless being tall and skinny is your only talent". She seems to be an intriguing person.