Thursday, April 28, 2011

The rich and famous give each other awards at China Charity 2011

Many of China's great and good gathered in Beijing for the China Charity 2011 bash, announcing the names of the 173 people who had personally contributed one million yuan or more during the past year. Lots of actresses were there, either to pick up an award or just to see and be seen.

Ruby Lin and Zhao Wei talk about old times while waiting to be named Chinese Philanthropy Artist.

Zhao Wei ignores the potential civil unrest behind her.

Ruby Lin looking lovely in a satin evening suit with skin tight slacks and a complicated top with director Gao Xixi who couldn't find a pair of pressed trousers.

Model and actress Sun Feifei shows how to look good while signing one's name on a wall.

Singer Bibi Chau and her glasses.

Actress Li Xiaolu is a most distinctive dress.

Another view of her very structured, asymmetrical outfit. That's Jai Nailiang on her arm.

Chow Hoi-Mei with the award--apparently just one of 177 that were given out at the event. If each of the awardees also got a bunch of flowers that large then it would have been a great week for the Beijing floral business.

This is singer Tang Can with Chow Hoi-Mei--her quizzical look and odd outfit make it worth seeing. Chow Hoi-Mei was a featured singer on the bill and Tang Can may have been as well. H/T to duriandave for the quick identification and a wealth of Tang Can goodness in the comments below from Dave and Dennis Lee.

People's Daily


  1. The lady with flowers blooming from her dress is singer Tang Can. Here's a bio in English. You can also find her videos on YouTube, like this one. She was even an FHM covergirl in 2009.

    I like her look and style!

  2. I'm not familiar with Tang Can but her dress certainly caught my eye. Here's a closer look at
    Tang Can's dress

  3. Cute! I like it! :D

  4. Here's a CCTV news profile -- in English -- of Tang Can with clips of her most famous songs. She's got quite a voice!

  5. Sorry for the overenthusiastic commenting! ;p

    Here's a great MV of Tang Can in full-on diva mode.

  6. Thanks, guys. Dave, your commenting is not overenthusiastic by any means. Love that music video--Tang Can's strengths as a singer aside, the dancers had all the tacky goodness of Soul Train, Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo and any five minutes of Showgirls.

    My stumbling for her name shows one of the difficulties in relying too much (almost completely) on google translation for names, although I am beginning to come up with a method.

    This is getting to be fun!

  7. For translation, I use (thank you Dennis!). It's powered by Google's translation engine, but the advantage is that it shows all the variant meanings for each word. It also shows the Cantonese romanization in addition to standard pinyin.

  8. I had somehow stopped using, which is an excellent resource. I tried 汤灿与周海媚 on it and got the same initial result as google: Can Tom and Kathy Chow but the variant meanings pointed to Tang Can.